Hustler USA December 1988

Hustler USA December 1988

Hustler USA – December 1988
English | 140 pages | PDF | 41 MB

Covergirl & Honey of the Month Centerfold Nikki Knights Photographed by Clive McLean
Bizarre! Tour America’s A-Bomb Test Grounds
Nikki Knights: Sex-Star Pink On Black Leather
Election Year: Photo Satire
Asia’s Sin City: Bangkok’s Open Sex-Slave & Drug Traffic

5 Feedback
9 Sex Play: When Your Woman Cheats by Robert McGarvey
12 AIDSWatch: The Drug Connection by Rick Woods
15 Bits & Pieces Valium Girl, TWA.I Team and More Edited by Mike Ferris
21 HUSTLER Erotic Entertainment Edited by Mike Ferris
28 Why Go to Vegas When You Can Visit Doomtown? Terror Tour by Michael DiGregorio
35 Darla & Charlene: Dude Ranchers Photography by Matti Klatt
42 The Slave Game by Chuck Henderson
45 Iron Box Roxy Cartoon Feature by Dan Collins
50 Priscilla: 38 in the Shade Photography by James Baes
60 Wild Knights: Nikki Licks Her Acting Career Centerfold Photography by Clive McLean
72 HUSTLER Humor Edited by Dwaine & Susan Tinsley
74 Bangkok: Paradise of Corruption Report by Bill Baker
79 Erection ’88 Photography by Ladi von Jansky
89 Shoot-Out at Slippery Rock Photography by Matti Klatt
97 Beaver Hunt
104 Hot Letters

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