Love Games Vol 02 No 06 August 1988

Love Games Vol 02 No 06 August 1988

Love Games Vol 02 No 06 August 1988
English, German, French, Dutch | JPG | 90 Pages | 91.4 MB

Love Games Vol 02 No 06 This voyage of discovery ends at a horizon of fantasy and lust — More than a sailor will find on any distant shore. This lascivious maid navigates through a stormy sea of sex.

From the coastal mountains to the baiting harbour of lust a charming voyage of lust is lead. The tight mast lands on an island of love, which makes all longings and promises reality. A sensual storm shakes every inch of this steadfast sailor and the bounty bride fulfills all his dreams.

This mast stands up wherever the wild wind blows. He has found a harbour which initiates his restlessness and satisfies his secret wishes. The wet tightness between her hot thighs needs to be explored and the lascivious Captain penetrates into every secret spot.

The randy sailor’s bride knows exactly what makes the Captain happy. Her board-service functions exceptionally without friction on the bright horn of the wave-rider. On the billows of lust day and hour are forgotten, because this travel leads to the most wonderful banks of murmuring devotion.

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    1. I’m also looking for that magazine. If the seller of your link has a digital copy, I will buy it and make it available here

      1. They don’t have digital scans 🙁 If you have other magazines which you would like to share for the others feel free to comment here and I can give you contact email where you can send them 🙂 Those magazines are GEMS 😉

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