Peaches No 40 (1986)

Peaches No 40 (1986)

Peaches No 40 (1986)
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Peaches No 40 double D cup special, super boobs.
Featuring Model:
Lu Varley Cover Only
Debbie Jay Scans
Zeta Ross Scans
Vona Scans
Faith Rankin Scans
Becky Bailey Scans
Pauline Hickey Scans
Joanne Latham Scans
Karen Mifflin Scan

My name is Berthe and I am 28 years old and live in Berlin I came to Britain on a sight-seeing holiday. Although I had friends in the group, they were mostly paired off and I was only too aware that I always had to be invited to join them. By keeping up the pretence of always being good humoured this at least made others accept me, but when I was alone in my bedroom I could not pretend. I desperately needed a man of my own. Some years ago my sex life was full and intensely satisfying, but after a glandular change when I was 22 years old I became fat and now weigh 18 stone with a colossal 50″ bust and 54″ hips. In my own environment I’ve accepted this situation, but now on holiday with everyone around me having sex, I felt left out. Coming into the hotel reception I was greeted by a cheerful voice

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