Playboy USA - February 2020

Playboy USA – February 2020

Playboy USA – February 2020

Playboy Magazine USA

If you think magazines are only for women, you are absolutely wrong. There are some magazines which are specially designed for men. One such magazine is Playboy. Have you heard about Playboy Magazine USA? It is the first magazine to present nudity in a sophisticated way. It is known for its cover pictures, featuring different women. In this post, we are going to share everything you need to know about Playboy magazine in the USA.

What is Playboy Magazine?

It is an American magazine specially designed for men. It was established in the year 1953 in Chicago. The men behind Playboy magazine the USA is none other than Hugh Hefner. They publish the flagship magazine in the USA along with other versions as per countries all around the world. Initiated from a magazine it has developed into a well-known brand and company, i.e. Playboy Enterprise Inc.

How it all started?

Hugh Hefner started this project along with his associates. He borrowed $1000 from his mother to fund his project. He used an old calendar picture of Marilyn Monroe as the cover for the first issue. It was first issued in December 1953. They issued about 53,991 copies.
The reason behind the name “Playboy”:
The original title of the magazine was “Stag Party”. But the name was already taken. To avoid any legal issues, he decided to change the name. The co-founder’s mother suggested the name, Playboy. She used to work in Playboy Automobile Company.
It’s not all about nudity:
If you think, the magazine only promotes nudity, you are wrong. They publish various stories by different novelists. They also publish interviews. They are mainly focused on,
• Architects
• Artists
• Athletes
• Composers
• Economist
• Film directors
• Journalist
• Politicians
• Religious figures
They also focus on politics and social issues.
We all have seen the famous Playboy logo, “A rabbit with a bowtie”. They hide this logo in the magazine cover. They chose this logo because it is frisky and playful. The rabbit depicts humour and sexual connotation.

What is a “Playmate”?

The women on the cover page of the magazine are known as “Playmate of the month”. You will find between 0 to 12 stars surrounding the letter “P” on the cover page. Many people believe that it is the rating Hefner gives them as per their attractiveness. However, in reality, it merely indicates the different advertising regions.
Christie Hefner:
She is the daughter of the founder. In 1988, she was promoted as head of the company. She gave up her position in 2008 to focus on her life.

First Cover Photo:

You will find many celebrities on the cover page of the magazine. It all started with Marilyn Monroe. Hefner used her previous calendar picture as the cover photo in 1953. It was her photo that won so many hearts and made this magazine a success.

Celebrities and Cover Photos:

Every celebrity takes pride in appearing on Playboy USA’s cover page. You will find many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Lindsay Lohan, etc. Here are some celebrities who appeared on the cover page of the magazine.
• Jayne Mansfield – June, 1963
• Steve Martin – January, 1980
• Madonna – September, 1985
• Cindy Crawford – July, 1988
• Pamela Anderson – November, 1994
• Naomi Campbell – December, 1999
• Paris Hilton – March, 2005
• Kim Kardashian – December, 2007
• Lindsay Lohan – January/ February – 2012
• Kylie Jenner –September, 2019

What does the Future Hold?

If you are looking forward to the next magazine issue, you will be highly disappointed. Due to the current pandemic, they have decided to stop the production of the printed Adult magazine. After 66 years of service, this spring edition will be the last digital Playboy USA magazine ever.

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